Playing music makes us happy.

Why we’re doing this.

We believe that playing music makes life better.  Our mission is simple: to help everyone PLAY MORE (that’s our slogan). So far musicians have played over 15,000 hours of music by booking through KORUS (formerly Rehearsal Booker).  We love this.

How we’re doing it.

 We built the UK’s No.1 music studio directory to make it easy for musicians to find, compare and book studios. It’s a totally free service for musicians. We started with rehearsal studios and soon after added recording studios. This expansion is one of the reasons we rebranded from Rehearsal Booker to KORUS (formerly Rehearsal Booker) in October 2019.

Who we are.

KORUS (formerly Rehearsal Booker) was founded by Joe McRoberts in 2018. Joe is a drummer and tech entrepreneur living in London. He spends his days expanding KORUS (formerly Rehearsal Booker) to new cities and playing music as much as possible. You can contact Joe directly any time by emailing

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